DIY Sharpie Mugs!

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If you love Pinterest as much as I do, I’m sure that you have seen all of those adorable sharpie mug DIY projects. I decided to give it a try myself and it was surprisingly easy! This tutorial is a really cute way to spice up your old boring coffee mugs, and with Christmas right around the corner, it could also be a really nice gift for your loved ones. Lets get started!


  • Painters pen (any color of choice)
  • Ceramic mug
  • Pencil
  • Rubbing alcohol


Buy a white ceramic mug. You can buy these mugs from Dollar Tree, or any local dollar store. Cheaper mugs will work best because the ceramic glaze will be easier for the paint to penetrate.

You will also need a Sharpie paint pen or any other painters pen brand. I used Painters and the Testors oil gloss paint markers that I picked up at a local craft store. Oil based markers are best as they will last longer. You can use regular permanent markers but your design may come off in the dishwasher.

Sharpie Mug Painters Pen


Clean your mug with the rubbing alcohol to remove any oil and dirt. Be careful not to touch the parts of the mug that you plan on designing,as the oil from your fingers will prevent your design from sticking. If you make a mistake, use the rubbing alcohol to remove it, but be sure to do it quickly before the mistake dries.



Sharpie Mug


Sketch your design on a piece of paper, then lightly draw your design on the mug.


Sharpie Mug DIY


Begin tracing your sketched design.


Sharpie Mug DIY


After you have completed your design, let your mug dry for one day to allow the design to set in.


Bake your mug at 450 F for 30 minutes. Baking will help the design really set into the ceramic glaze. Be sure to place the mug in the oven as it preheats. If you preheat the oven first and place the mug into the oven, the mug will crack. Allow the mug to cool down in the oven and remove it only after the oven has completely cooled. If you remove the mug from the oven before it has completely cooled the mug will crack. You can also use a sealant to ensure that your design sticks, however because this can be toxic, I personally skipped this step. If you do choose to use a sealant, you can tape the opening of the mug to ensure that it doesn’t get inside of the mug.


I recommend hand washing your mugs, as I cannot be sure that the design won’t come off with the varying dishwashers and settings out there.

Sharpie Mug DIY with tea bags



Sharpie Mug DIY Sharpie Painters Pen

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  1. I always love seeing people do these! Thanks for the tips on how to bake them though. 🙂 I shall pin this.


    1. You’re most welcome!

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