DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

Flower Crown

I absolutely LOVE flowers, and flowers crowns are one of my favorite hair accessories. I want to share a very easy method to create a really cute flower crown with your own personal touch. It is very simple, fun, and doesn’t cost much. Lets get crafty!

What you will need:

Flower Crown DIY

  • Felt Paper (any color)
  • Flowers 
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband

Step 1: Remove the flowers from the stems and cut the remainder of the stem off of the flower. Leave a very tiny amount of the stem on the flower as that will hold the flowers in place.

Cutting flower stem

Step 2:  Cut out circles that are large enough to cover the base of the flower, but make sure that your circles are not too large.

Felt paper

Step 3:  Place a small amount of glue on the stem, then place the headband on the flower covering the glue.

Glue gun flower

Flower crown DIY



Step 4: Glue your felt paper onto the back of the flower covering the headband. Continue to follow these steps until your flower crown is complete! Although I chose to make a partial headband, you can make a full crown if you wish.

Flower Crown


Flower Crown

Enjoy your flower crown!

Flower Crown

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